Ecommerce Solutions – 3 Things To Watch Out For

It happens all the time, a person has a great idea or makes a great product, but they aren’t technologically savvy and therefore need ecommerce solutions to come save the day. Without a proper working website with shopping cart, webhosting, and ssl certification, a person can not sell their wares online and that’s what might be hindering millions from leaving their day job and working for themselves. If you’re one of those people, then consider the following information something that can help you take the leap forward. The right option can let you start selling without previous knowledge of programming languages or computers. You simply need to find the right solvent.

  • Flexibility – When looking for ecommerce solutions, make sure that you can make changes to the existing framework. Many carts, templates and other options can’t be changed on the root level, because the solution provider wants free promotion. That’s why you often times see “powered by” in the left and right hand corner of web stores. If you can’t edit to the root pages of any given solution, make sure that you’re well aware of that before signing anything. You’ll be hard pressed to fix problems associated with color schemes and more if you’re not careful.
  • Monthly Fees – There are some companies that will give you a full working solution, help you sell items, and even assist you with code and more, the only catch is that they’ll charge a monthly fee. This fee is not included with the cost of having webhosting service for your store; it’s an additional item that can cripple your cash flow. Even if your business makes nothing, you’ll still have to pay the fees associated with the hosting of the site.
  • Compatibility – Before you invest in anything, make sure that your hosting plan can handle the programming language and coding that most solutions have. Stand alone solutions require access to a root folder on your hosting account, and some companies don’t allow shell or root access, which can be rough on a small businesses. When in doubt, a root folder in the control panel of a site can suffice.


Finding ecommerce solutions that actually do what they’re supposed to, and are editable by a designer are rare. Most companies providing this type of service wants a cut of the action, and won’t just give all their code away without something in return. For those that don’t want to learn a new language, getting these prefabricated solutions can be a true life saver.

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